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Supervisory of Singapore North East MRT Line (NEL) Telecom Systems


SCADA System for telecommunication services in Singapore
Studio A&S has developer for Andrew-Tekmar Sistemi the supervisory system of "Britecast" high-performance fibre optic distribution solution for the analog FM, DAB and DTV broadcasting signals.

This is based on the concept of capillary distribution of RF signals by means of fibre optics and low power remote distributed antennas connected to the base station or a signal processor with flexible, unobstrusive fibre optic cable from local interface equipment



The system is manteined from IntraWave, provider of commercial wireless services to the mobile telecommunications operators in the North East MRT Line (NEL).

In the NEL currently operate dualband GSM900 and GSM1800 services and IntraWave has been granted exclusive rights to provide all commercial wireless services inside the tunnel.

Using the MMDC-TMS Supervisory and Control System is possible to diagnose and verify the correct parameters along all the 16 station of the NEL, monitoring in remote with a LAN communication:


As a facilities-based operator, Intrawave provide, operate and maintain infrastructure services for wireless and data communicationsand mobile services for the NEL's geographic coverage, as well as construction of new MRT lines and other underground infrastructure that require commercial wireless services

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